GHS 61 Questionnaire
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Class Profile Questionnaire
1.       Name
2.       Home Address
3.       Home Phone
4.       Work Phone
5.       Cell Phone
6.       Email
7.       Occupation/Employer
8.       Retirement Y/N
9.       Date of Retirement
10.   Education
11.   Spouse Name (# Yrs Married)
12.   Children (# & Ages)
13.   Grandchildren (# & Ages)
14.   Great Grandchildren (# & Ages)
15.   Most Unusual Experience
16.   Most Amusing Experience
17.   Most Rewarding Event
18.   Funniest/Unusual GHS Memory
19.   Most Useful Thing Learned at GHS
20.   What would you do differently, if you could re-live the past 50 years
21.   Favorite GHS Teacher, and Why
22.   Most Unforgettable Person at GHS, and why
23.   Favorite Memory of our Senior Year
24.   Top Two Items on your Bucket List
25.   Suggestions for Events at Future Reunions
26.   If we were to continue to host a Reunion dinner each year, would you be interested in attending?
27.   If the 1961 You could have seen and talked with the 2011 You, what would have been the biggest surprise?
28. If you could go back to 1961 and talk to the 18-year-old YOU, what advice would you give?
Sad news:  Terry "Pop" Stechmiller of Parker, Colorado formerly of Gainesville, Florida passed away June 18, 2011.

Terry spent 40 years as an educator for both Alachua and Cobb County, Georgia where Terry served as principal of Buchholz High, Mebane Middle School, and East Cobb Middle School.

Terry was a volunteer Boys' Club coach as well as a Pop Warner football coach. Terry loved his life, family, pets, and all those young people he worked with over the years.

He is survived by his wife, Linda Sandstrom Stechmiller, whose hand he was holding at the time of his passing. His three children, Evan, his wife Charlotte of Charlotte, North Carolina, Kirk of Charleston, South Carolina and Tara King and her husband John of Denver, Colorado. Four grandchildren completed his life. Griffin, Micah, Drake, and granddaughter Ryan. Brothers Bruce and Billy and mother Emma Kate survive Terry.

A memorial service will be held at the Garden Club in Gainesville at 4 PM on Sunday, July 24.