Where Are You?
We have compiled a list of classmates for whom we have no email or street addresses.  Please review the list and let us know WHERE YOU ARE!

Linda Simmons Aldrich
Lillie Jo Ann Black
Nancy Boerner
Nancy Botts
David Clarkson
Susan Elizabeth Curry
Jorge Enrique Vazquez Frigola
Zoe Diana Glavas
Margaret Gayle Ortiz-Gonzalez
William Riley Hale
Annette Hamilton
Carolyn Jean Hartman
Patricia Howard
Ronald Hughes
Butch Hunt
Barbara Jeannette Latham
Sylvia Evelyn Lawrence Williams
David Edwards Loucks
Terry Luther
Peggy Ann Mallory Davis
Judith Annette Marshall
Beverly Ann McAllister Malloy
William Maxwell Murdick
Elizabeth Martha Nielson
Michael M. Scott
Sandra Smith Lomax
Mary Ann Sullivan Kyle
James Stevens Thomas II
Mary Jo Van Hook
Ann Vreland
Peggy Luella Wallace
Roberta Joyce Weber
Patricia M. Wing
Laura Young

If you have information about any of our missing classmates, please contact either Kit Macdonald (rtskye@aol.com) or Jeanne Stephens Dorsey (jstephensdorsey@gmail.com)