Gift to GHS

As part of this celebration, we voted to find a way to give back to our school and also show our great respect for the teachers present during our senior year. 

Thanks to the generosity of many class members, we were able to do three things for the school in commemoration of our 50th Reunion:  assist in current operations; create a legacy in honor of our teachers; and recognize current GHS faculty with a small gift.

First,we asked the current principal, Wiley Dixon, what did the school need most this year.  He asked for new amplifiers for the sound system in the GHS gym.  Using funds from our reserves, we decided to donate this to GHS last fall, so the amplifier could be in place for the basketball season.

For our tribute to the teachers of 1961, we had a plaque made which Dr. Dixon will place in the teachers’ lounge.

The inscription on the plaque reads:

“Thank You to the 1961 Faculty and Staff of Gainesville High School

Below this are the names and disciplines of every teacher and staff member at GHS in 1961.

It concludes: 

“Presented by the Class of 1961 on the occasion of our 50th Reunion in appreciation for the guidance they gave us, the knowledge they patiently shared, and the positive influence they made on our lives.

Presented April 8, 2011”

Finally, we honored the current GHS faculty.  In response to a generous challenge grant issued to the class by a classmate,  our class raised $3,100 to be used by the faculty to benefit the school.  We presented this check to Dr. Dixon at the May faculty meeting. 

Dr. Wiley Dixon receives a check from the Class of '61, to benefit the school.
Dr. Wiley Dixon receives a check from the Class of '61, to benefit the school.