February 16, 2013
4 years, 3 months and 11 days since
our Reunion.
Our plans for the 2013  Class Reunion are now set and we hope that many classmates will be able to attend this annual event.

The date is Saturday, February 16, 2013.  The place is again The Paramount Inn and Resort on South 13th Street.   Dinner will be the same price as in 2012 ($40 per person) and it will be just as delicious as ever.  Cash bar.

We will be mailing the invitations in early January.  When you receive this, just complete the reservation form and return with your  check to Treasurer Pete Maren.

Our program will be simple and informal.  Dress code will be the same!

Please look over our list of Lost Classmates and let us know if YOU, or someone you know how to find, is on the list.  We would love to include them in the invitation.

Thanks again....we look forward to seeing you on February 16th!!

              The Reunion Planning Committee

Missing ??  Or hiding??

We do not have current addresses for those classmates whose names are listed below.   If you know ANYTHING that would help us locate them, please contact Jeanne Dorsey (
jeanne@waterandair.com), Marilyn Tubb (mltubb@bellsouth.net) or Kit Macdonald (rtskye@aolcom) /309 NE 1st Place/32601.     Or just call Kit at 352.373.6323.

Linda Simmons Aldrich
Pat Allen
Robert Andrew Bigham

Lillie Jo Ann Black
Nancy Boerner
Diana Booth Henn

Vivian Bosque
Nancy Botts
Dorene Cain
Doris Cain

Barbara Jean Cake
Marsha Capo Marks
Ronnie R. Clark

David Clarkson
Susan Elizabeth Curry
Cecil Deas

Doug Fackender
Frederick S. Dixon
Jorge Enrizque Vazquez Frigola

Zoe Diana Glavas
Margaret Gayle Ortiz-Gonzalez
Thomas Lee Green

William Riley Hale
Edna Kathryn Hamilton
Annette Hamilton

Thomas Roy Hannah
Carolyn Jean Hartman
Patricia Howard

Ronald Hughes
Butch Hunt
Jeanne Marie Johnson

Jean Louise Kaiser
Edward Lawrence King, Jr
Barbara Jeannette Latham

David Edward Loucks
Terry Luther
Peggy Ann Mallory Davis

Judith Annette Marshall
Beverly Ann McAllister Malloy
Pamela Gloria McPhee

Robert William Morley
William Maxwell Murdick
Larry Myrick

Leslie Reginald Nehiley
Thomas Gordon Newman
Elizabeth Marth Nielson

John Robinson Bangs Patrick
Lucinda Prevatt
Patricia Ann Richards

Maxine Rogers
Michael M. Scott
Jacquiline Lelah Shaver

Marvin Shealy
Alex G. Smith
Sandra Smith Lomax

Mary Ann Sullivan Kyle
James Stevens Thomas, II
James Franklin Tomlinson

Betty Gail Turlington
Mary Jo Van Hook
Ann Vreland

Peggy Luella Wallace
Roberta Joyce Weber
Don Werner

Carol Whitten
Patricia M. Wing
Richard Worm
Laura Young



Reflections on the 50th....

The wonderful Reunion Weekend has now come and gone, but all of us who attended have good memories of an event that will be special to us for many years to come.

Jeanne Dorsey

Our first gift to GHS as part of the Reunion Celebrations!

On October 5, 2010, Adrian Dovell and Marilyn Tubb presented GHS Principal Wiley Dixon with a check from our class for $600.  The gift will be used to purchase needed amplifiers for the gym's sound system.  We wanted the school to be able to use this in time for the volleyball and basketball seasons.  The money was in our account from previous generous donations of class members.

The reunion planning group at our June meeting!  Top, from left:  Adrian Dovell, John Kelly, Bob Guinn, George Tubb, Rob
The reunion planning group at our June meeting! Top, from left: Adrian Dovell, John Kelly, Bob Guinn, George Tubb, Robert Hester. Middle: Kit Macdonald, Karen Owens, Jeanne Dorsey, Mimi Carr, Marilyn Tubb. Front: Kenny Matheny, Beth Boyles.
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